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Conditions of Membership
  1. Members must have been trained by an ITO or a previous ITP.
  2. Members must have an active NSI number.
  3. Members can opt to be on the contact list of all, some or none of the East Region Local Authorities which are signatories of the East Region ITO. There is no guarantee of work being available.
  4. Membership of the East Region ITO does not guarantee work.
  5. The East Region ITO provides no insurance cover to members. If members members of the East Region ITO are working within signatory authorities they will fall under thet authority's insurance cover.
  6. The East Region ITO takes no responsibility for CRB and ISA registration for individual members. CRB requirements for working within East Region Authorities will be agreed with individual authorities if work is undertaken.
  7. Members are expected to undertake at least three hours of CPD each year. Maintaining and updating professional skills is very much encouraged. A range of CPD courses will be available via the East Region ITO but CPD courses can be undertaken with any ITO.
  8. Members must agree to be monitored annually whilst training, ideally by an East Region ITO trainer.
  9. Members' details will be held centrally by East Region ITO on secure servers. The only information which will be released on public request will be in response to a name and membership number query and will be the details that are on your membership card, as required by the DfT.
  10. Details held by the East Region ITO will be used for distribution of newsletters and membership updates, and potentially for the offer of work (depending on members' choices selected on the application form and authorities' recruitment policy). Details will not be shared with any 3rd parties.
  11. Whilst delivering Bikeability cycle training, all East Region ITO members are expected to maintain a high level of professional conduct at all times. They should always remember their responsibilities to all sections of the community ensuring courteous, efficient and impatial service delivery to all groups and individuals within the community.
  12. The East Region ITO has the right to withdraw or refuse membership if the conditions of membership are not adhered to.
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